In July 2022, Vidriería Prat S.A. will celebrate 57 years of existence. Founded in 1965, its first location was on Av. Arturo Prat Concepción. Its fancy name, DIGOSA, refers to the first owners of our company, Jaime Gibson, Juan de Dios Ortuzar, Alfredo Silva and Fernando Alcalde.

In those years, DIGOSA had an important participation in the glass distribution market nationwide, mainly selling cut glass, repairing and installing iron and wood windows. Aluminum would come years later.

For DIGOSA, the mainstay of its development is largely due to its valuable human capital, committed personnel who for years have contributed their knowledge and experience, creating a pleasant work environment and making it a leader at the national level.

In October 1994, the company moved to Calle Castellón 1340, where it still maintains a branch associated with the distribution of aluminum, glass and hardware. Later, in 2007, it moved to its final location on Route 150 on the way to Penco, where today it maintains a 5,000-square-meter built plant equipped with two overhead cranes, modern equipment, and more than 200 employees.

In 1996, DIGOSA began to modernize its production processes, incorporating state-of-the-art machinery for the time, such as glass bevelers and some machine tools. Later, in 1999, it incorporated its first automated plant for the manufacture of thermopanels, the only plant in the region. In 2007, it acquired a glass cutting table with automated loading, with the capacity to cut large sheets of glass. Always seeking to deliver greater added value to glass, it then incorporates a tempering oven and a new state-of-the-art thermopaneler with the capacity to increase the manufacture of thermopanels by 10 times. It also incorporated a new table for cutting laminated glass, polishing machines and a water jet cutting machine, among others.

For many years, DIGOSA, together with important companies in the country, has led the development and incorporation of new products. The first projects were carried out in the Indalum Aluminum Superba and Xelentia lines. Since 2003, he has been leading important projects in Curtain Walls, developing new solutions and own systems; such as the Mutual Security Building, Radison Hotel, Duoc, San Andrés Building, Bío Bío Centro Building, among others.

The company imports aluminum, glass and hardware. It permanently participates in the main fairs that exist in the field of both aluminum and glass with the purpose of staying at the forefront of technology and new product developments, generating strategic and commercial alliances.

Today, led by a select group of engineers, DIGOSA has strongly increased its market share, maintaining works throughout Chile and delivering added value to glass and aluminum, generating greener and more energy efficient solutions. Its clients are construction companies, real estate agencies, public and private institutions, universities and private clients.


Offer variety and quality in glass, thermopanels, aluminum and hardware; to deliver the best constructive solution, generating confidence in our clients.


To be the benchmark company in personalized solutions in glass and aluminum at a regional level and recognized at a national level, for vanguard in design, technology and sustainability, thus exceeding the expectations of our clients.

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